Bike Review Contest

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 We (C.Aravinth & R.Sudhakar) conducted the event “WEALTH OUT OF WASTE” in “FINESSE” 2017, for the purpose of igniting the participant’s creativity and managing the waste in useful forms.

According to the report by “Waste To Energy Research and Technology” Council, 0.5 kg is the per capita waste generated by the urban population of our country. In order to make it into useful forms, we divided 0.2kg waste to a team. The team consisted of 2 or 3 members, the time allocated for the preparation was 15 minutes. Totally, 30 teams participated in the preliminary round, from that we finalized 5 teams, which showed extraordinary talent on making the waste to wealth and finally 3 teams emerged as WINNERS.

They are,

                 (1) D. Guru Prasath-I Mech A.

                       M. Chidambara Selvan-I Mech A.

                       L. Malavika-I ECE A.

                 (2) A. Soundarya-I ECE B.

                       G. Durga Devi-I CSE A.

                  (3) S. Sahaya Vikesh-I MECH B.

                        S. Sathish Kumar-I IT A.


Recipe Writing Contest-Sweets


Nil Sugar- fully organic(Jaggery,Palm Sugar,Honey etc)

Our newly inaugurated Culture Club’s Yummy Contest.                                                                                     To contest in the competition, participants should write a recipe with natural and organic sweeteners like Jaggery,Palm Sugar,Honey etc.Chemically processed sugar should never be used in the recipes. All SNS students and Staff are eligible to participate in the competition.

  • Participants should type their recipes in a word document( font size -12, font style Times New Roman).
  • Participant shall take and attach pictures of his/her dish while preparing and also finally a picture of him/her with sweets.
  • Participant can also send one cooking and health tip along with it.
  • The last date for submission is 25 August,2016.
  • Send your recipes to

          When was the last time you troubled or discussed with your grandmother for a competition? They are the Master Chefs with thousands of delicious and healthy recipes.

Think ….. Taste ….. Articulate

Exciting prizes are awaiting for the winners and also their pics along with their recipes will be announced in the Blog.


Winner – Describe your Face and Win a Prize

                       Here comes the results of our contest. Mr.A.S.Satish Kumar of III year Mechanical  has won the contest. lets hear from the winner straight, on how he knew the contest and how he prepared for it.Armed with his gifts of chocolates, coffee mugs, smiley ball and cool ice-cream, he details his experience



“I noticed the information about the Face Description Contest in the Skills and Career Development Department notice board.

Initially, when I started i struggled to get the exact  words to describe my face, the eyes, nose, structures. I refereed in online to find suitable words and hence my vocabulary got redefined out of this, I updated my self with  new descriptive words as I went in search of words to describe my face. It was a huge learning process for me during this contest.

Then, I went through some of the websites  which I have listed below.

  • used to describe someone’s face.
  • com/how to describe a person’s face
  • people’s physique
  • to describe a person’s face

I was excited to describe my own face with different words.and of course thanks, for the gifts.

 A.S.Satish Kumar

Class: III Mechanical