You Are Not Alone

Live, Love and Laugh Foundation was at SNS Academy. Thank you Ms Deepika Padukone for reaching out to students and teachers.


Simulation Exercise

X Grade students were given a simulation exercise to prepare a concept for the expansion of a city with list of items that could be of a starting point. However, one could add more items to list keeping in a view that it would help the new expansion plan a better place to live and can be a model town for others.

Teams made their presentations to think through various ideas to understand the total concept.

Self-esteem Workshop

Students of SNS Academy of VI and VII grades were taken through series of activities that would help to reflect on self-esteem in a group of class. The activities likely to help to break differences of gender issues, understanding the need of goal for individuals.


Unique Me – Abridge Workshop

An abridge workshop (Part 1) was conducted for VI and VII grade students of SNS Academy. Students were helped to explore the ‘Unique Me’ about themselves. We all have ideal appearance pressure. This is often due to the cultural context of a particular time and its hard to overcome. A simple example was to compare the way our grandparents dressed to our parents and finally us! But what is required to accept the existence and pressure of appearance ideals that is often seen from Social Media and Professional Media.

An extra care was taken not to have a blame game on the existence of the media but to understand that each one is unique in their qualities and value. Dove videos were handy to explain the various form of appearance pressure one could relate to.

Did you overcome the appearance pressure?

Confident Me: Self-esteem Workshop

Culture often defines our appearance but its various media (professional and personal) that create and attracts towards ‘ideals’. First session looked into the Appearance Ideals for VIII to X grade students of SNS Academy, an international school.

The session began with several open ended questions that would help them to understand the bigger picture of Appearance Ideals with activities to define an ideals for boys and girls of our time. Then we looked into the challenges in matching an ideal and why? Does it mean the one who could afford can think of it? This questions was reflected with several true examples.

We wanted to understand can we avoid or overcome these pressure? or Is there any way out to handle this pressure? These open ended questions with videos of Dove were handy to understand several perspective that were eye opener for students.

Towards end students made an attempt to define ‘Unique Me’ that allow them take home their unique quality that they already possesses.

Do share your unique me with us!