Recipe Writing Contest-Sweets


Nil Sugar- fully organic(Jaggery,Palm Sugar,Honey etc)

Our newly inaugurated Culture Club’s Yummy Contest.                                                                                     To contest in the competition, participants should write a recipe with natural and organic sweeteners like Jaggery,Palm Sugar,Honey etc.Chemically processed sugar should never be used in the recipes. All SNS students and Staff are eligible to participate in the competition.

  • Participants should type their recipes in a word document( font size -12, font style Times New Roman).
  • Participant shall take and attach pictures of his/her dish while preparing and also finally a picture of him/her with sweets.
  • Participant can also send one cooking and health tip along with it.
  • The last date for submission is 25 August,2016.
  • Send your recipes to

          When was the last time you troubled or discussed with your grandmother for a competition? They are the Master Chefs with thousands of delicious and healthy recipes.

Think ….. Taste ….. Articulate

Exciting prizes are awaiting for the winners and also their pics along with their recipes will be announced in the Blog.



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