Winner – Describe your Face and Win a Prize

                       Here comes the results of our contest. Mr.A.S.Satish Kumar of III year Mechanical  has won the contest. lets hear from the winner straight, on how he knew the contest and how he prepared for it.Armed with his gifts of chocolates, coffee mugs, smiley ball and cool ice-cream, he details his experience



“I noticed the information about the Face Description Contest in the Skills and Career Development Department notice board.

Initially, when I started i struggled to get the exact  words to describe my face, the eyes, nose, structures. I refereed in online to find suitable words and hence my vocabulary got redefined out of this, I updated my self with  new descriptive words as I went in search of words to describe my face. It was a huge learning process for me during this contest.

Then, I went through some of the websites  which I have listed below.

  • used to describe someone’s face.
  • com/how to describe a person’s face
  • people’s physique
  • to describe a person’s face

I was excited to describe my own face with different words.and of course thanks, for the gifts.

 A.S.Satish Kumar

Class: III Mechanical




Competitive Spirit

As a school student I have seen people running post to pillar to compete in various events. I wondered if this is making society and culture crumbling. Let us take example of me and my brother. Visibly there existed ambition, comparison, and condemnation by the members of family. After several years I realised through reading, writing and discussing with scholars that this spirit may force people to believe that they belonged to dullard category. If members of family loved both of us, they would need to do something about it. Right? If I look back and see that people often ended up hurting one of them at a cost of comparison through condemnation with a desire of ambition. If this to be believed to be true, then why do still have competition?

Go Gossip

How pleasant it seem to talk about others? Most of us seen it happening in coffee and lunch break or any moment of break from tasks. Some are capable of doing it over the task as well. Does gossip offers escape from oneself? Perhaps largely true with the facts that media is able to sell such columns that readers read fervently. Why one would do this? This can be ascertained from the point that as we are concerned about what others think of us, so we are about others. This continuity would lead to restless mind. Does this mean, silence can take away this issue? The question rather is, is silence in denial mode?

What do you think?

Fear is Fearful

This article is out of discussion on a topic ‘Fear’ with 2nd year MCA, 3rd year Civil engineering students of SNSCT and others in the past. As a trainer cum counselor I asked them if they are fearful about anything in life. Most of them replied ‘No’ with a big smile on their face. One way I was happy to see that they would like to lead a life without a fear. I pushed them with a question, how do you feel on seeing 100% score on your internal paper? Most of them said in unison, ‘Happy’. Then I raised another question, would they work hard to keep that expectation intact in the next internal examination? Most of them nodded their head. This seemed to have set a tone of knowing the fear. Then I asked them, what would happen incase some of don’t make it? I could see mixed facial reactions. Next I asked them, what are you trying to guard yourself on realising fear exists? The unison was broken into few reacting to it, for example, they were not afraid but worrying about the others reactions (parents, peers and teachers expectations) on their uneven performance. On hearing patiently I asked them, why do you worry incase there you aren’t afraid? There enthusiasms seemed to die off with probing. After a moment of silence, I asked them, if they are not sure on dealing with it? They nodded in unison.

I asked with if they could learn to love the problem same way they learnt to love their cent percent marks then its possible to understand, why? This was beginning to reflect for our future discussion.

Is fear a fearful?!

Creative Happiness

Somethings may not have value in the market or it can’t become a commodity that could fetch handsome money, that is something is creative happiness. But how open do we expose ourselves to this happiness? This might seem difficult because it cannot be measured as an achievement and success.

4th semester MCA students were taken through a session to think through what would make a classroom a place of creative happiness. This was lead through discussion, stories and activities to understand the complexity of human nature.

In the end a photo to cheer!

Simulation Exercise

X Grade students were given a simulation exercise to prepare a concept for the expansion of a city with list of items that could be of a starting point. However, one could add more items to list keeping in a view that it would help the new expansion plan a better place to live and can be a model town for others.

Teams made their presentations to think through various ideas to understand the total concept.

Self-esteem Workshop

Students of SNS Academy of VI and VII grades were taken through series of activities that would help to reflect on self-esteem in a group of class. The activities likely to help to break differences of gender issues, understanding the need of goal for individuals.