Story Review – The Adventure Of The Empty House

Story ReviewThe Adventure Of The Empty House

      By Ms. Priya .M (71331404040),


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The Adventure of the Empty House is a story from the book of The Complete Sherlock Holmes written by Mr. Arthur Coran Doyle. The story  begins along with narration by Mr. Watson who is a  friend of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, a detective officer.

The story begins with  the murder of Mr. Ronald Adair in the year of 1894.Initially, Mr. Watson begins to find more twists in the case . At the time of reading this case he becomes self aware, that his close intimacy with Sherlock Holmes over a period of years had made him more of a detective than a medical professional. He deals along with the prejudice of the public on the accused, still he moves along to find the real criminal.

To know the original criminal he starts the investigation about Mr. Ronald and his family and also his day-to-day activities like where and what he did regularly. Later, he know that his habit of playing cards in various clubs with money.

Later, he starts investigate in the clubs during that time he finds out about Mr. Ronald’s club partner. Mr. Colonel. After that , he found at the evening of Mr. Adair’s death Adair played a game with his partner that time Adair fought with his partner due his partner’s Cheating in the club and Adair warns his partner to resign his membership in the club or otherwise he will informed to all. After, that he leaves from the club.To protect himself the Mr. Colonel was murdered Mr. Ronald by using the revolver.

My Experience:

          Thank you for giving me such a valuable opportunity to review a story. When I started read this story I could not read even one single paragraph in one day. Then I read the paragraph repeatedly then  I got some interest which lead me to read the story. This story is totally different from other stories. I thank my friends, Teachers, my Department and all the Staff of SCD who helped me to accomplish this task. I wish to read more books in future for sure.

Reviewed by

Ms. Priya .M (71331404040),







M. Vedhashree

(713314104067)-CSE III Year 


The Adventure of Black Peter is a short story written by Arthur Conan Doyle about Mr.Sherlock Holmes, a detective officer. The story is narrated by Dr.Watson, a friend of Holmes.This story is about the investigation of Peter Carley’s death. He was a former whale fisherman nicknamed as “Black Peter” by his crew, a rude man lived in Forest Row with his family, and he was a drunk and was found murdered in his shed with harpoon.

Stanley Hopkins was a junior police officer who seeks help from Holmes, he could found 2 rum glasses, pocket diary and tobacco pouch from Peter’s room.

Three investigation officers found that someone had already tried to open the door was open before they reached. So, they waited until midnight and they found John Hopley Neligan and he’s the son of a long-missing, failed banker. His father sailed to Norway with a box of securities and those of securities were sold by Carley.Neligan came for asking about this but he found Carley dead before he reahed. On realizing that he may not be the murderer. Holmes, under the name of Captain Basil, sends a telegram to recruit sailors. Three men show at his house and among them, Holmes handcuffs Patrick Cairns, a harpooner, who immediately confesses to the murder. In 1883, he saw Carey kill the banker Neligan and steal the securities. Shortly thereafter, the captain retired and Cairns started to search for him to claim his share. He met him in the shed, but the discussion turned to fight and, picking up the harpoon hanging on the wall, he impaled Carey with it.


When I started reading the story ,it was very difficult for me to understand the words. It took two days of time to complete a page. I could not understand anything from the first two pages then with the help of Tamil dictionary and google-translator it became bit easy. Then friends helped me to get idea about what the story actually is, then keeping those ideas in mind, I kept on reading the story several times. Then it was interesting, the curiosity in knowing what comes next made me to read the entire story. The most interesting part in the story which I felt was Holmes finding the murderer all of a sudden out of three.


M. Vedhashree

(713314104067)-CSE III year 

Review -Study In Scarlet


                                                                                                      by  Nikhilamary N / CSE III Year


A study in scarlet is a novel written by Arthur Conan Doyle featuring English Detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson. This story was written in the year 1886 and was published in the year 1887.

It is a strange book with different structure connecting two stories. In the first part it is beautifully describing about the meeting of two friends, Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson. Then it follows with the death of two people occurred with the difference of hours, Mr. Drebber was murdered at the midnight and his P.A was murdered next morning in a hotel.At the end of this part Holmes will find that murderer is Mr.Jefferson Hopes. The most interesting part here was Holmes examining Mr. Drebber’s body and giving clear explanation, it was amazing.

In the second part, the writer describes the back-story of these people and what made the murderer do this crime to them. While completion of this part we may feel pity on Mr. Jefferson Hope who killed both of them since they killed Mr. John Ferrier and made Lucy Ferrier (Mr.Jefferson’s lover) marry Mr.Drebber forcefully which in turn caused Lucy’s suicide and finally Jefferson Hope lost everything in life .Here the interesting part was Mr. John Ferrier waiting  Mr. Jefferson when only 30 days of time was given by his enemies.


When I heard about reading club first, since it was new, was interested in joining this club. Then I was assigned with a novel to read “Study in Scarlet”. But was really lazy to read at the beginning. Then started reading; At the beginning  I felt too boring  to continue since many words were not familiar and then on referring dictionary and on re-reading came to know what was there given in the book. Then once the story started, became too curious to know what will happen next and I was able to complete the novel at the same day.


Nikhilamary n



Story Review – “The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge” is a short story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Book Details

 Sherlock Holmes short story Collection

Author name: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Published in: 1908

Set in: March 1892

Client: John Scott Eccles

Villain: Don Juan Murillo (The Tiger of San Pedro)

Story type: Investigation

Review of : The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge

          “The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge” is a Sherlock Holmes short story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

              It belongs to the collection of Sherlock Holmes stories called His Last Bow and is written in two parts: “The Singular Experience of Mr John Scott Eccles”, and “The Tiger of San Pedro”.


  • Sherlock Holmes
  • John H. Watson
  • Mrs. Hudson
  • John Scott Eccles
  • Colonel Carruthers
  • Aloysius Garcia
  • Don Juan Murillo aka The Tiger of San Pedro
  • Lucas aka Lopez
  • Inspector Gregson
  • Inspector Baynes
  • Mr Melville
  • Allan Brothers
  • Dolores
  • Señora Victor Durando
  • Victor Durando
  • José
  • Marquess of Montalva
  • Signor Rulli
  • Lord Harringby
  • Sir George Ffolliott,
  • Hynes Hynes
  • James Baker Williams
  • Mr Henderson
  • Rev. Joshua Stone
  • Constable Walters
  • Constable Downing
  • Marx
  • Jove
  • Mr Henderson
  • Mr Lucas
  • John Warner
  • Miss Burnet
  • Children
  • Eckermann


  • Baker Street
  • Wisteria Lodge, near Esher
  • Post Office, Charing Cross
  • Scotland Yard
  • Surrey Constabulary
  • Popham House, Lee
  • Albemarle Mansion, Kensington
  • Spanish Embassy
  • Allan Brothers
  • Oxshott Common
  • The Dingle
  • Oxshott Towers
  • Purdey Place
  • Forton Old Hall
  • High Gable
  • Nether Walsling
  • The Bull
  • Marx and Co., High Holborn
  • British Museum
  • Jacobean grange of High Gable
  • High Gable
  • Guildford Assizes
  • Edmonton Street
  • Curzon Square
  • Hotel Escurial, Madrid


  • London
  • Lee
  • Esher
  • Oxshott
  • San Pedro
  • High Holborn
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Guildford


  • England
  • Spain


  • Surrey
  • Kensington
  • Tropics
  • Central America
  • Europe



Review of this story:

         According this  story, Sherlock Holmes is a private detective as well as hero of the story and Dr. Watson is another one important person of this story.

          Following Sherlock Holmes through a series of his investigations with Watson is really engaging. Most of them always start with some form of peculiar detail and then turns around to change around just from the little details that he observes.  

       That is the charm of Sherlock Holmes and it keeps us wondering what his next step is and how each case will end. It’s a very enjoyable read. Dr. Watson, his trusted companion, is the narrator of each of these stories.  He documents each one through his eyes and his experience.

The story was move surrounding the person Miss Burnett. Sometime I feel very socking even though surprised for the way of story. It is really so nice for read. My favourite character is Miss Burnett.

My Experience:


In my second year to know about the literacy club, but that time I was not interested about it. In my third year) my SCD staff Mr. Rajaravishankar who is responsible for literary club to offered me  the opportunity to  participate in story review.

I recently had the opportunity to read the Arthur Conan Doyle story “The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge;” which I was a bit surprised I hadn’t read this story before considering I love Sherlock Holmes stories. This one is actually one of the better Holmes stories I’ve come across too.

       It starts out with a man coming to Holmes after visiting a friend and discovering the entire household gone the next morning.

Shortly after arriving, the police show up and reveal his host has been found murdered and, even though he isn’t really a suspect, they have a feeling his invitation to the lodge was related to the actual … crime committed.

The story has everything from a possible affair to voodoo and it is a very gripping tale, even though it is somewhat shorter than I usually bother reading.

I like the fact Holmes has competition from an inspector who doesn’t want his help because he wants to make a name for himself and actually ends up coming to the same conclusion as Holmes, albeit through a few different ways.

The ending is a bit confusing and I had to read it a couple times to understand everything completely. But, overall, I feel this is a story that is worth reading; especially if you like Sherlock Holmes books and short stories.

Thanking you for giving this opportunity.


B. Loordumary (713314104032)

III Year B.E Computer Science and Engineering. 

THE HOUND OF BASKERVILLE Arthur Conan Doyle – Review by SURYA.S III year Mechanical SNSCE


Arthur Conan Doyle


              This story narrates about the two detectives named Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson with their adventures experience in the investigation of the criminal cases.


  • Sherlock Holmes –  Detective
  • Watson – Detective
  • Mortimer – Care taker of Sir Charles
  • Sir Charles Baskerville – Member of Baskerville family
  • Sir Henry Baskerville –  Member of Baskerville family
  • Sir Rodger Baskerville –  Member of Baskerville family
  • and Mrs.Barrymore –  Worker of Baskerville Hall
  • Stapleton –  Neighbor of Baskerville Hall
  • Stapleton – Neighbor of Baskerville Hall
  • Frankland –  Neighbor of Baskerville Hall
  • Laura Lyons –  Daughter of Mr.Frankland
  • Selden –  An escape criminal from prison


Here the story explains about the two detectives Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson who are handling a murder case of Sir Charles Baskerville.  Here the two detectives try to resolve the mystery behind the murder.  In this story there is an ancestral belief that a superstition power that always target and kill the family members belong to Baskerville hall.


Here the mystery behind the murder is superstition power or the human power.


  • Sherlock Holmes house
  • The Baskerville Hall
  • The moor where the murder takes place.


  • The footstep of a mysterious creature in the moor.
  • A warning letter to Sir Henry.
  • A letter indeed for meeting Sir Charles in an hour before his death with initial L.L.


  • Stapelton is not married.
  • Stapleton is the brother of Ms.Stapleton.
  • Sir Rodger Baskerville was died unmarried.


  • Stapelton is married.
  • Stapleton is the wife of Mr. Stapleton not his sister.
  • Sir Charles has got married and he has one son.
  • The son name is same as his name, he then changed his name as Vandeleur and again he changed his name to Stapleton.


Sir Charles was chased by a huge hound in the moor, as he was very week in his heart. He got an heart attack and died.





I am Suriya.S from Mechanical Dep having a amazing time as a student in SNSCE, I had read books to pass time but never got into the process of reviewing one. In SCD Department they created an opportunity so I took a jump at it.

Initially I was hesitant in reading a complete Novel, then my Teacher Mr.RajaRavishankar, SCD, encouraged me and made me go through this book in ease. My progress in reading and writing was monitored systematically so, it was easy for me to stay in track.

I have gone through one novel title THE HOUND OF BASKERVILLE from the book Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan .

This is my first experience in learning book and writing a review about it.

When I start to learn I felt very difficult to learn but going through it has been very simple and gave a great experience in the field of learning book other than subject topics.This gave me a good inner peace of mind and improvement in my communication. I wish to thank the Dept of SCD for the Book review club,and  of course then the College, Staff and Management for giving us the variety of books that we have in our library.

This first experience of learning had motivated me to learn more and more books.


Book I started learning after this are

  • Mind over Matter                           –  Times of India
  • The 3 mistakes of my life               –   Chetan Bhagat Thankyou












Story Review – The Adventures of Wisteria Lodge & The Adventures of the cardboard box by Mr.Pagalavan Rathinavelu – Civil III year

Review – The Adventures of Wisteria Lodge & The Adventures of the cardboard box

Sherlock Holmes Detective stories




3104(4) () (1)

Mr.Pagalavan Rathinavelu

Civil III year

The Adventures of Wisteria Lodge

This is a Detective story. Here the main characters are Mr.Sherlock Holmes(Detective by Profession) and Mr.Watson his friend and he is a Doctor. Readers are exposed to series of events with twist and tale which involves in cornering down the accused, who killed a man. At the outset, the plot seemed to be quite complex but as it unraveled through Holmes’s intelligent scheme of deduction by gaining evidence, things fell into place. The singular experience of Mr.Eccles is must in this story and he helped Holmes to  find the accused, All these are done in the place where in 221B Baker street and many more twists are here like which I like to share with you is “Freddie Jones playing the wonderful detective inspector. This character in the story is following the methodical plodding, but he is actually smart” and the rest story is short of thrilling adventure.

The Adventures of the cardboard box

Sherlock gets involved in this case of the yellow cardboard box at the request of Scotland Yard.  Miss Susan Cushing,  receives a package in the mail. It is wrapped in brown paper, and tied with string that Sherlock notices has a coating of tar. The box is filled with salt, and buried in the salt are two human ears. Miss Cushing has no idea who would send such a hideous package to her, or why. Scotland Yard is equally mystified, so detective Lestrade asks Sherlock Holmes if he would mind lending assistance. Then Sherlock uses his skills to solve the case and capture the murderer.

The Adventure of the Cardboard Box is perhaps more famous for a scene between Holmes and Watson, that sees the detective seemingly able to read his friend’s mind; something which just goes to prove the prowess of Holmes when it comes to reasoning.


Books Reading and Review Club

            It is my pride and privilege to share my review about the Detective story “The Sherlock Holmes” here with you all. Firstly I wish to say how I came into this ? Once in SCD Meeting I heard about the Book reading Club in our college and after that I followed the Faculty (R.N.Raja Ravi Shankar) and joined in it. Mainly I went there to spend my time simply with books , basically am not so very much interested in it. This is my first experience with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I was not accustomed to his writing style, which meant I had to re-read certain passages to fully get their meaning, but as time went by it turned out to be an enjoyable short story.I got little boost up by my own and am attracted by the stories and books, and so that is why now am here with a review of the two adventures stories, I hope everyone will start reading books after getting a little experience in this session. Thanking you all for reading my reviews.

Thank you

Mr.Pagalavan Rathinavelu

Civil III year