Community Design Exercise

Third year engineering students were given simulation exercise to design a city with some parameters to wok. However there were some important items that needed to be included in their work apart from it they we asked to develop on their work with several assumptions that would make the new place an attractive.

Learning Point

Collaboration that seemed weak in the beginning seemed to gear up as the timeline approached short. That would meant to others to move out of comfort zone to execute the plan.

Incentives did work as it seemed to be motivation to achieve.

Stories in the beginning and towards end were important to motivate and set objective that would not just help individuals who are involved in designs but also community in general.

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Winners were announced and photos to cheer at the end!

Winners are: M. Kalandar Sheik & Vijay Kannan (Mechanical) I K. Ashok, P. Karuppusamy, S. Abilash, B. Selva Kumar, and T Naveen Kumar (EEE)


Commonly Asked Questions

Often unstructured employment have the following commonly asked questions

  1. What do you see yourself doing five years from now?
  2. What do you consider your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  3. Why should I hire you?
  4. What college subjects did you like the best? Least?
  5. What do you know about our company?
  6. Why did you decide to seek a position with the company?
  7. Why did you leave your last job?
  8. What do you want to earn five years from now?
  9. What do you really want to do in life?

(Source: Industrial/Organisational Psychology Michael G Aamodt)

Puzzle on Lateral Thinking

Thinking “Out of the Box” 

Many hundreds of years ago in a small Italian town, a merchant had the misfortune of owing a large sum of money to the moneylender. The moneylender, who was old and ugly, fancied the merchant’s beautiful daughter so he proposed a bargain. He said he would forgo the merchant’s debt if he could marry the daughter. Both the merchant and his daughter were horrified by the proposal.

The moneylender told them that he would put a black pebble and a white pebble into an empty bag. The girl would then have to pick one pebble from the bag. If she picked the black pebble, she would become the moneylender’s wife and her father’s debt would be forgiven. If she picked the white pebble she need not marry him and her father’s debt would still be forgiven. But if she refused to pick a pebble, her father would be thrown into jail.

They were standing on a pebble strewn path in the merchant’s garden. As they talked, the moneylender bent over to pick up two pebbles. As he picked them up, the sharp-eyed girl noticed that he had picked up two black pebbles and put them into the bag. He then asked the girl to pick her pebble from the bag.

       Moneylender                             Black and White pebble        Merchant’s Daughter

image003     image005   image004

What would you have done if you were the girl? If you had to advise her, what would you have told her? Careful analysis would produce three possibilities:

1. The girl should refuse to take a pebble.

2. The girl should show that there were two black pebbles in the bag and expose the moneylender as a cheat.

3. The girl should pick a black pebble and sacrifice herself in order to save her father from his debt and imprisonment.

If you choose one from the above answers,you are a logical thinker.

Be lateral thinker and send a creative answer to save the Merchant’s Daughter as early as possible to

Competition- Describe your Face and Win a Prize


Dear Friends,

Now a exciting contest to all in SNS Family, all you need to do is to describe your face and win the prizes. Follow the following rules to participate in the contest

  • Your description of face starts from your hair and ends at your neck.
  • You should only self describe
  • Your description should not be judgemental over the beauty but it should be a clear cut description of how it is (eg do not say beautiful or amazing eyes but rather say the size and color of it) only exception is when your describe your face over all, there you can make a judgement like that.
  • A few categories which should be done for sure are given below you can add more if you wish  –HairForehead,Eyes,Nose, Mouth and Lips,Chin, Face Shape, Skin and Complexion…
  • Send your description with your photo in a Word Document along with your scanned photos. along with it send your name, class details and phone number.
  • The best descriptions will be awarded and it will be posted in the blog, along with your photo.
  • last date for submission -April 12, 2016 . Sent your post to –                                                                                                                                                       Hurry up … What are you waiting for, the key to competition is minute and exact description of your face in English, more you define and explore, more the possibility of you becoming a winner .. have a mirror or a selfie and start your work .. a few samples are given below on shape of your face18_face_shapes_jpg

As far, as there is life : Case study

Imaging a situation that you are landed in a situation that left you wounded and lost the dear ones in a fatal accident. However you being on of the survivors need to march forward to making a living! Such situation we face it at some point of life but how about you are among few survivors and need to stay back to seek help or walk away in fear of dying. How would you plan your strategy whether you wait or march forward? For both the situation there is limited and same resources. What would be your strategy to survive?

A simulation case was conducted for 3rd year students of engineering to debate, argue, discuss and present their work. Five teams presented their case with reasoning to their decision that could probably give them another life!

The best possible case that gave thought from the several possible cases : good and worst situation was appreciated with a gift at the end!

Photos to cheer!


Winning Plan


MBA Ist were given a case to prepare a blueprint and present to the members of committee based on the list of parameters. Four teams were given an hour time to formulate their strategy with likely possible solution. In end a team was selected and honored with a prize.

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Assertive Skills : Building self-esteem

Assertiveness is about makes yourself feel good and the stand you take on the decision. This skill can help to grow high self-esteem that is cause to improvement of confidence. As we often see that low self-esteem is the root of most people problems. This root cause can produce uncertain desires on the belief system and the values. It would make harder to convince on their ideas too!

MBA 1st year students were taken through these two cases on understanding the need of assertiveness. The case led to two findings : – its good to have a graceful exit incase negative forces bother people or hinder the true potential to grow; and imaging build could value to oneself and others associated.

Towards to photo to cheer!