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Tech Mahindra Selected Candidate

Dear Readers, Today we have smart Selena, a campus placed student. She is here to share her experience on Tech Mahindra drive.


Interviewer: Hello Selena. Tell me about your studies.

Selena: Hi! I am Selena, pursuing 4th year BE, ECE.

Interviewer: Why did you choose to apply for TechMahindra

Selena: I chose to apply for Tech Mahindra basically because of the structured
learning and the creative freedom it provides to pursue other interests. I am in
contact with a few of the seniors who tell me about how they are doing so
much, apart from working. Most of them are studying part-time, or they are
actively engaged in other organizations. So, I like being busy and that’s
something that Tech Mahindra offers to their employees. Also, this being a day one company,
I see that I will have 57 familiar faces by the time I start my career.

Interviewer: Thanks looks promising career for a fresher. What were the different rounds conducted?

Selena: Rounds conducted were : the first round was the aptitude round. Once we cleared
that, we had the creative writing round, we had to write a 1200 character
passage on an image on the screen. Everyone gets a unique image. The
picture that I was given was a red dot. The next round was the Technical HR
round. It was fairly simple. We only had to answer confidently, and answer
right. For streams other than CSE and IT, they had asked mostly from
questions that can be found online. So it helps in preparation to Google
technical interview questions. And the final round was the HR round where I
was asked about my contributions to my projects and my communication skill
was checked.

Interviewer: Some interesting rounds! Huh? What is/are your take away from the process?

Selena: Takeaway- the first take away that I had was my first interview experience
where I did not know the interviewer. I also learned the kind of questions
that we could probably ask regarding the interview. And I understood that
when you attend an interview, you tell the company what they want to hear.

Interviewer: Interesting! What are your suggestions for future aspirants?

Selena: For my juniors, I would say work super hard. Because, there is nothing that
equates to that. And do ‘smart work’ more than ‘hard work’. And for the
technical HR, it is expected that we know what we study, for Tech Mahindra.
That is as an ECE student, I was asked questions on ECE, not on CSE.

Interviewer: Thank you Selena for the some smart insights on the recruitment process. I hope it will help the readers. Wishing you a great career with Tech Mahindra.

Selena: Pleasure is mine! Thank you too!

– Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman