Pine Caterpillar Story

When a series of pine caterpillars are placed in a circle that form end-to-end and each will follow the caterpillar in front of it around the circle indefinitely. Inspite the food being placed in the center of the circle, but the caterpillar continue to circle until they die from starvation.

This story often left me with a thinking, how many a times we lead a life like Pine Caerpillar without imagination? If one continues to lead life without imagination each of us tasting success would be difficult. If this to be believed true, are we adhering to herd instinct?



Group Dyanmics – Session 1

It would be immense pleasure for any teachers when students come to you to learn. A batch of nine students was something like that. They wanted to learn Group Dynamics with various goal that have set for themselves. Prepare a common module keep those goals into mind is like setting another goal for a teacher.

Trying to know them and questioning of their goal ‘why’ was meant to do self-discovery of each individuals including the teacher. This ‘why’ round did play a trick of thinking than otherwise it was supposed to be in a defined limit.

Often there is/are several communication barriers that existed between teacher and students and among themselves too! As a teacher being aware of it tried to break some of them without mentioning about it. I did this because bringing Group Dynamics consists several hidden layer that often doesn’t yield measurable outcomes because barriers continue to exists at conscious and unconscious levels.

Topics that was chosen keeping students goals into mind. I see that we have goals because we want to seek freedom and love largely; rest of things like toppings to keep it cherry!

A photo towards the end to cheer!