News from New Zealand to SNS

      On hot summer (April 24,2018) SNS Institution  had a cool surprise of meeting our guests from University of Weltec and Whitireia, New Zealand. Our Technical Director Dr. S. Nalin Vimal Kumar Ph.D, chaired the meeting, all the Deans and HOD’s of the SNS Institutions were present in the fully packed Boardroom.

 Delegates from New Zealand were

  1. Malcolm Fair, Associate Head of School, Engineering
  2. Sushrutha Metikurke– Regional Manager- SouthAsia, International (Wellington Institute of Technology and Whitireia New Zealand)
  3. Shaaz Hai – Market Manager, South Asia, International (Wellington Institute of Technology and Whitireia New Zealand)
  4. Dhineshkumar – Sr. Business Development (IDP Education Coimbatore)

The program started with a presentation of our Guests. The presentation contained details of University of Weltec and Whitireia, courses offered, student life in New Zealand, the Multicultural Campus, Business/Company Oriented Researches, Creative Campus, Faculty Development (Triple Trained Teachers- Academic, Teaching Courses, Industry experience) and how the country has become globally the most Business friendly country in recent years.

Courses Offered – Automotive, Beauty Therapy, Addictions Counseling, Built Environment, Business, Construction, creative, Electrical Trade, Engineering, Exercise Science, Hair Dressing and Make up, Health and Hospitality, Tourism, Veterinary, English Language and Funeral Service program.

Entire session was interactive, where our Guests were questioned for details and more value added Information. Important topics that came to discussion were  Summer Courses, Sandwich Programs, Research, Valuation and Teaching methodologies, Student exchange program, Faculty exchange program, Online monitored projects from both institutions , Part time courses and Business Oriented Research.

The session had enormous amount of Information passed from both ends, it was also a cultural exchange with a  sense of humor.

  • People were really surprised to see Funereal Service as a course, it was then explained as a course as one which contains details of embalming and directing the funereal in all forms.
  • The Bachelor of Creativity was a eye candy since it offers, six major disciplines-Digital Media, Music, performing arts, Toi – Poutama, Visual arts and writing – publishing.
  • The creative studio also had a unique feature of class rooms with glass walls which allows students to be aware of what is happening in other departments also, the staying rooms also had different modes of living where the lights , appliances, Ac switches on and off according to modes selected.
  • The Institution is owned and funded by the New Zealand government, with 9 campuses from Auckland to Christchurch.
  • Over students of 100 countries are in the university.
  • SNS and University of Weltec and Whitireia – Mou’s.

The meeting was organized the SCD Department. With our Technical Director Dr. S. Nalin Vimal Kumar Ph.D, visiting University of Weltec and Whitireia on this May, things may change in a big way for us. Keep your fingers crossed we may soon cross the oceans.


R.N.Raja Ravi shankar

Ap/English – SCD. SNSCE


Passport Camp for SNS Students and Staff

Outside the library block in-spite,  the scorching heat many students lined up filling up some forms when inquired  we came to know of the Passport Camp. Students aspire to work in MN C’s, for which things needed are not just  skill sets but also a valid travel Documents . SNS College of Engineering organised a Passport camp on(22/3/18) for Students and Staff to get their Passport. Above 400 applicants eagerly filled their forms to get their passport.The event was organized by SNS SCD Department, The event  Coordinators –  R. Banurekha AP/MBA/SCD and R.N.Raja Ravi Shankar AP/English/SCD Department and of course along with of our enthusiastic volunteers of SNSCE students.


Riding high and Steady – Mini Bike Racing – Team Six – Rising Stars



Name of the bike      –        Fury

Team Name             –      The Six

Team Members:

Aathresh.M         –        Captain                    M.A.Mohammed Shanfar    – Marketing

Ashwin Sathya   –       Co-Rider                                                       Ajith.P  –  Designer

Hari Balaji.V     –   Vice-Captain                                                Bharath.P.K     –   Rider

No. of races attended  : 10

No. of races won          : 6

Our Journey in Road to Success 

           We “The Six” was inspired by our super seniors batch (2013-2017) and we built our bike in the II Semester and started attending races continuously. Our interest and hard work fetched us appreciation and took us to the next level. That is when we started implementing some innovative ideas for increasing the efficiency and performance of the bike. Thenceforth, “Winning became our hobby”. All the other competitive colleges appreciated our efforts and we have a healthy competition among us.

The engine of this bike is of “TVS 50”. We totally designed and fabricated this bike as totally new in look wise and also in performance wise. The body balancing of the bike is extraordinary and it is very less in weight (45kgs). The total cost for building this bike is around Rs.17,000/-.

Our team won events step by step and we invested the prize money in several projects. We also got awards like

  • Best Marketing
  • Best design
  • Best Rider

We were interviewed by a TV channel (King TV) and it got telecast.

  • We won
  • We are winning
  • We will win


Our first race

                        “Karpagam College of Engineering” was the first race event we attended in our 2nd semester -2015-16. There we experienced a huge struggle. Our bike suddenly stopped while racing and it never got started we were given a grace time of 2 1/2 minutes to start the bike. We dismantled the ECU unit and repaired it and started the bike in 2 minutes and then we completed the race and got 2nd prize with a cash award of 15k.

Our Bike Specifications

     Fork                            :           Max R 100                  Chassis          :           TVS 50

     Rear Suspension       :           Twister                  Wheels                :           TVS 50

     Brakes                        :           Drum                    Fuel Tank            :           5 litres

This makes a huge difference comparing to other normal bikes. We built a “Mini” bike. The bike was built for our rider’s comfort and it is very less in weight and body balancing is extraordinary. It reaches a speed of 60kmph.

Year Races attended Prizes won




Karpagam College of Engineering 2nd place (15k cash)

Best Rider

Tamilnadu College of Engineering 1st place (30k cash)
Krishna College of Engineering 2nd place (10k cash)

Best Marketing and Best Design





Karpagam College of Engineering 1st place (15k cash)
SVS College of Engineering 2nd place (10k cash)
Dr.N.G.P College of Engineering Best Marketing
Kumaraguru College of Technology 1st place (15k cash)


Future plans:

                        Our future plan is to concentrate on “BAGA”. It is an Off-Road car race conducted by “MAHINDRA” company in which there is a direct recruitment for the first three teams winning in that event. It is a big project for which we may have to spend about 6 to 8 lakhs and we are planning and researching for it.We worked for success but along with it, we owe our success to our  fellow students, Mechanical Department Staff and Our College Management for supporting us from day one

Written By -Mohammed Shanfar (Mech III year)

Editor – R.N.Raja Ravi Shankar (AP/English – SCD)

Sound Body and Sound Mind- Mr. Coimbatore Fitness Champion- 2017 Harish (III EEE)

 Harish (III EEE) – Mr. Coimbatore Fitness Champion- 20170BA_Lpjn_400x400

By Harish (III EEE)

Edited by R.N.Raja Ravi Shankar (AP/English – SCD)


I am Harish(III year/EEE) SNS College of Engineering . I wish to share my experience of me becoming, Mr.Coimbatore Fitness Champion- 2017. My interest in Education and sports both goes hand in hand with each other.I got 90 % in 12th std (AAMG Govt HSC).

Fitness competition

Fitness competition is different from Body Building; another name is physique and modelling. Fitness competition is a class of physique-exhibition events for men and women. Its emphasis is on muscle definition not size.

Rules and Regulations

  • Judges will be looking for fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with muscularity and overall condition (this is not a bodybuilding contest so extreme muscularity should be marked down)
  • Stage Presence and Personality
  • Judges look for the contestant with the best stage presence

My Tricks of the Trade

  • First step I picked my show of competition. Develop my off-season training program.
  • I followed a nutrient diet (nuts ,soya, milk, eggs, chicken etc) in the off season. Eating every three to four hours and took lot of protein it helps to build the more muscles.
  • I worked cardio two or three times a week for 20-30 minutes at a time.
  • I kept accurate records in my training journal. I heard different songs for motivation.
  • I trained over my suits and my posing routines.

Last Two Months to Competition

  • I started rehearsing on my mandatory poses
  • My competition diet started that time .I  totally avoided the “junk foods”
  • I increased my protein intake. I did my cardio 30 minutes a day
  • Took pictures doing each mandatory poses, to register my progress step by step
  • After workout , I stretch my worked muscles
  • I registered for competition . I made travel arrangements
  • My training center—Muthu Health and Fitness Gym, Annur.

Workout Routine

Day 1

Day 2

Chest & Triceps Sets Reps Back & Biceps Sets Reps
Bench press 3 15 Barbell rowing 3 15
Incline dumbbell curl & pec deck 3 15 Neck pulldown 3 15
Dumbbell flies 3 15 Arm dumbbell row 3 15
Push down 3 20 Seated cabled row 3 15
Skull crushes 3 20 Barbell curl 3 20
Kick pack 3 20 Preacher curl 3 20
Overhead triceps 3 20 Hammer curl 3 20
Day 4 Day 5
Shoulder & Abs Sets Reps Legs Sets Reps
Military presses 3 10 Back squat 3 15
Lateral rises 3 10 Front squat 3 15
Front dumbbell rise 3 10 Leg presses 3 15
Up right rows 3 10 Hack squats 3 15
Leg raise 3 15 Leg extensions 3 15
Twists(plate) 3 15 Leg curl 3 15
Crunches 3 15 Dead lift 3 15

Day 3 and Day 6 rest

Lessons from the road to sucess

I participated in many competitions State level. I was not successful in that level. But I won the title of the Mr.Coimbatore Fitness Champion. That was turning point my life.

  • I learnt how to participate with the experienced bodybuilders.
  • My appearance is different from others so made it a advantage.
  • How to expose my styles and poses. It’s very important in competition
  • I challenge the financial type of problems, when I participate on a stage time
  • How to prepare for a standard competition.

Challenges and Aims

  • The competitive bodybuilding lifestyle isn’t cheap, especially for physique competition. I take time to map out a budget and accessories.
  • I wish to achieve many titles in the Fitness category- National and International . The Journey of physique competition is probably the toughest, but still wish to take the road ahead.    Email—

Malampuzha Dam a visit – Eco and Trekking Club, SNSCE

Malampuzha Dam a visit – Eco and Trekking Club, SNSCE

On 11/02/2018 Sunday morning a group of First year students of SNS college of engineering made a busy head start in the morning to Ukkadam Bustand to make their trip to Malampuzha dam. R.N.Raja Ravi Shankar (AP/English – SCD) Our Eco and Trekking club Coordinator accompanied students along in this trip.

          Malampuzha Dam One of the largest reservoirs of Kerala, Malampuzha Dam is located near Palakkad in South India. It is surrounded by the Western Ghats on all side. Malampuzha Dam is a combination of a masonry dam with a length of 1,849 meters and an earthen dam with a height of 220 meters. The dam is 355 feet high and crosses the Malampuzha River, which is a tributary of Bharathappuzha, which is Kerala’s second largest river. Some major tourist attractions near Malampuzha Dam are Entrance Garden, Yakshi Garden, Japanese Garden, Upper Garden and viewpoint, Cable car ride, Fish shaped aquarium, Toy train for kids, Fantasy Park, Spiced fruits camp along with some excellent trekking tracks and river baths

Once students got into bus a simple instruction of not to use their mobile phone while travelling was given, they were asked to focus on the landscape, trees and very geography that changes from Coimbatore to Palakad (70kms). Students saw how even the selection of trees in household changes over a period of time along with the building structures.

We reached Malampuzha dam and spent the day exploring various aspects of the dam and garden. Students had their hand in everything from visiting the various gardens to boating to cable cars to having the close look at the civil architectural marvel of the dam. In the middle we played Frisbee in garden area and soon our play became a new tourist attraction.

Snake park added more flavor to the students interest and of course students had a real close look at a particular snake called Python (that’s a name of subject for I years).We had a amazing day and we shall look for more such days in lap of Nature.


How to join Indian army as an Engineer- A Defense Seminar

On Jan 9,2018, in  F101 hall , our students got an opportunity to meet our Nations Guardians – Army Officers. Decorated Officers(retired) and Selected Trainees of our Army from CCUS(Center For Career In Uniformed Services)had a Defense seminar session with our students. Various aspects of Army and how to join the army was discussed in the session.Students eagerly participated in the session listening and asking questions to the Officers.

Officers Selection

An officer in the Indian Army inherits glorious heritage and timeless traditions, blended perfectly with the latest technology in the fields of management, engineering and medical sciences. It offers a golden opportunity to be a part of the world’s finest Army and get trained not only to be an Officer but also a Gentleman for life.

Where Growth is a way of Life

The Indian Army promises both professional and personal growth at every stage of the career. Opportunities to upgrade through various courses are abundant. The adventure and extra-curricular activities in the Army ensure an all round development essential in today’s world. An opportunity is even provided to upgrade your civil qualification by availing two years paid study leave. Art of War-Engineering-Medicine-Administration-Human Resource Development and Management. The army teaches you all, moulding the officers into leaders capable of leading from the front in any field. Joining the Army is possible both after school as well as after graduation.

Apart from attractive pay and perks, Army offers you the best in Life Style, even better than all other professions. Be it the social interaction, finest clubs, golf courses, medical facilities and ample opportunities to indulge in adventure and sports, Army has it all. In fact you are paid to lead a healthy life in a healthy environment.

Facilities like subsidized housing, free medical for self & family, canteen facilities, group insurance cover, soft loans for house and/or vehicle and above all the feeling of belonging to a family (Army) which cares for you, are the perks of the Army which no other organization provides.

To be a part of the elite organization of the Indian Army?

Pongal oh Pongal – Pongal Celebration 2018


SNS Institutions celebrated 2018 Pongal in a grand way. Students of all departments along with their Staff made the day a cultural fest. The day started by preparing pongal in the traditional way. After a hearty lunch of pongal, the students spent the afternoon enjoying the , music and dance. The whole campus was decorated in traditional flavor with rangoli, fruits and vegetables associated with the festival.

Photographs by A.Udhaya Kumar & Ganesh kumar – Mechanical II year


SNS Educational Institutions-  Ideathon and Hackaton Event -2017


SNS Educational Institutions are hosting the Ideathon and Hackaton Event -2017, along with #startup Payanam and ROWTRA. It’s a contest where students of SNS institutions are asked to present their ideas for Solution for Social issues. Ideas implementation can be through Interdisciplinary platform.  Sustainable Development is a definite solution for innumerable problems that India has today. Be it energy, food, sanitation, water or transport systems, students came out with their solutions to these problems. The teams which win the contest with flying colors are given a gift to fly- a foreign tour is arranged for them.

The round one of Ideathon Contest started on Dec 21, 2017 with 420 teams, of students participating in it. From SNS School, to Arts and Science College to Engineering, a complete colorful combination of students and ideas came in parade in from of Juries. The Juries were Pioneers and stalwarts from various fields; Mr.R.G.Nawin Krishana(Founder, Rowtra), Mr.Aravind(Founder,, Ms.Thrasha Pillai(Co Founder, Zewoke) and many more graced the occasion. Students had an interesting time presenting their concepts and answering the Juries questions. The ideas varied from reusable materials to GPS apps for Fishermen to Drone cameras, driver less cars and Medical devices.

Juries had a tough time to really choose from the teams since every team was unique and innovative in their own way, still by the end of the day things have to be done. Form 420 teams 73 teams made it to the second round from which the count came to 49 teams. These teams participate in Ideathon round on Dec 29, 30 & 31, 2017 where the contestants pitched their ideas. In three day event participats expressed their ideas. The business model and technical model both were done in the workshop, which gave a deep insight not only the concept but also the market reality and how to compete in it. in the  boot camp students contested together, along with wonderful food,yoga, music, games and campfire. From this the most promising 15 Teams will be taken for Hackathon event, from which Top 5 teams are going to get their Passport inked for the prize of foreign tour.

Rising Star- A Mechanical in Head and Designer in Heart- M U SHABARISH MECHANICAL C (2014-2018)






Good morning everyone, I am M.U.Shabrish (IV Mechanical Engineering student. I have interest in various fields including bikes, motors and Photoshop Designing also. People feel its strange for a Mech guy to design posters and design but I have a passion for it. So let me explain how it all started. First  I went  to join design class in Erode for killing some time during the summer holidays (2014), also I got along a diploma in design course

It contained 2 different software   1 ADOPE PHOTOSHOP 2 ANIMATION MAKING, ADOPE PHOTOSHOP was very interesting to learn, when compared to other software we learn or we use. On that time of learning I spend a lot of time to design particular images on that time my Guide, taught some shortcut methods to design quickly. Various tools and various methods added spice to it and it was  easy to  use that software , and created a  interest in me  to work on that

One day I designed my photos , I put a lot of effort to look very nice and finally I got best student award on that class , that award and appreciation made me get motivated and made me move more in that direction.

After completion of software course, I never used it for all most an  year. Then  one fine day morning , I got opportunity to expose my designing talent , my Department needed designs of  certificates as well as poster for event named as RPM 2k16 .Some students sent their design formats to the competition, I   put at most of what I got and deigned certificates and posters.My  design was selected for  that  event.

After that my department give various chances design various posters, certificates and ID’s, I also got an opportunity to design the Bike Review poster in SCD and various other  designer work in our college.

In future I going to study graphics softwares, which is much a upgrade level of Photoshop and animations I wish to use my software knowledge and explore more possibilities in my line of work in future either as Designer or Mechanical Engineer.

Editors Note – We wish to invite young talents and showcase their talents and enthusiasm in life. Here we see a mechanical engineer who is skilled in designing. we personally saw him in work when he designed  Bike Review Contest Poster. He was very systematic and dedicated in work. We wish him for a better success in his course of life.

R.N.Raja Ravi Shankar

AP/English. SCD

Some Sample of his Designs