Riding high and Steady – Mini Bike Racing – Team Six – Rising Stars



Name of the bike      –        Fury

Team Name             –      The Six

Team Members:

Aathresh.M         –        Captain                    M.A.Mohammed Shanfar    – Marketing

Ashwin Sathya   –       Co-Rider                                                       Ajith.P  –  Designer

Hari Balaji.V     –   Vice-Captain                                                Bharath.P.K     –   Rider

No. of races attended  : 10

No. of races won          : 6

Our Journey in Road to Success 

           We “The Six” was inspired by our super seniors batch (2013-2017) and we built our bike in the II Semester and started attending races continuously. Our interest and hard work fetched us appreciation and took us to the next level. That is when we started implementing some innovative ideas for increasing the efficiency and performance of the bike. Thenceforth, “Winning became our hobby”. All the other competitive colleges appreciated our efforts and we have a healthy competition among us.

The engine of this bike is of “TVS 50”. We totally designed and fabricated this bike as totally new in look wise and also in performance wise. The body balancing of the bike is extraordinary and it is very less in weight (45kgs). The total cost for building this bike is around Rs.17,000/-.

Our team won events step by step and we invested the prize money in several projects. We also got awards like

  • Best Marketing
  • Best design
  • Best Rider

We were interviewed by a TV channel (King TV) and it got telecast.

  • We won
  • We are winning
  • We will win


Our first race

                        “Karpagam College of Engineering” was the first race event we attended in our 2nd semester -2015-16. There we experienced a huge struggle. Our bike suddenly stopped while racing and it never got started we were given a grace time of 2 1/2 minutes to start the bike. We dismantled the ECU unit and repaired it and started the bike in 2 minutes and then we completed the race and got 2nd prize with a cash award of 15k.

Our Bike Specifications

     Fork                            :           Max R 100                  Chassis          :           TVS 50

     Rear Suspension       :           Twister                  Wheels                :           TVS 50

     Brakes                        :           Drum                    Fuel Tank            :           5 litres

This makes a huge difference comparing to other normal bikes. We built a “Mini” bike. The bike was built for our rider’s comfort and it is very less in weight and body balancing is extraordinary. It reaches a speed of 60kmph.

Year Races attended Prizes won




Karpagam College of Engineering 2nd place (15k cash)

Best Rider

Tamilnadu College of Engineering 1st place (30k cash)
Krishna College of Engineering 2nd place (10k cash)

Best Marketing and Best Design





Karpagam College of Engineering 1st place (15k cash)
SVS College of Engineering 2nd place (10k cash)
Dr.N.G.P College of Engineering Best Marketing
Kumaraguru College of Technology 1st place (15k cash)


Future plans:

                        Our future plan is to concentrate on “BAGA”. It is an Off-Road car race conducted by “MAHINDRA” company in which there is a direct recruitment for the first three teams winning in that event. It is a big project for which we may have to spend about 6 to 8 lakhs and we are planning and researching for it.We worked for success but along with it, we owe our success to our  fellow students, Mechanical Department Staff and Our College Management for supporting us from day one

Written By -Mohammed Shanfar (Mech III year)

Editor – R.N.Raja Ravi Shankar (AP/English – SCD)


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