Story Review – The Adventure Of The Empty House

Story ReviewThe Adventure Of The Empty House

      By Ms. Priya .M (71331404040),


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The Adventure of the Empty House is a story from the book of The Complete Sherlock Holmes written by Mr. Arthur Coran Doyle. The story  begins along with narration by Mr. Watson who is a  friend of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, a detective officer.

The story begins with  the murder of Mr. Ronald Adair in the year of 1894.Initially, Mr. Watson begins to find more twists in the case . At the time of reading this case he becomes self aware, that his close intimacy with Sherlock Holmes over a period of years had made him more of a detective than a medical professional. He deals along with the prejudice of the public on the accused, still he moves along to find the real criminal.

To know the original criminal he starts the investigation about Mr. Ronald and his family and also his day-to-day activities like where and what he did regularly. Later, he know that his habit of playing cards in various clubs with money.

Later, he starts investigate in the clubs during that time he finds out about Mr. Ronald’s club partner. Mr. Colonel. After that , he found at the evening of Mr. Adair’s death Adair played a game with his partner that time Adair fought with his partner due his partner’s Cheating in the club and Adair warns his partner to resign his membership in the club or otherwise he will informed to all. After, that he leaves from the club.To protect himself the Mr. Colonel was murdered Mr. Ronald by using the revolver.

My Experience:

          Thank you for giving me such a valuable opportunity to review a story. When I started read this story I could not read even one single paragraph in one day. Then I read the paragraph repeatedly then  I got some interest which lead me to read the story. This story is totally different from other stories. I thank my friends, Teachers, my Department and all the Staff of SCD who helped me to accomplish this task. I wish to read more books in future for sure.

Reviewed by

Ms. Priya .M (71331404040),





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