M. Vedhashree

(713314104067)-CSE III Year 


The Adventure of Black Peter is a short story written by Arthur Conan Doyle about Mr.Sherlock Holmes, a detective officer. The story is narrated by Dr.Watson, a friend of Holmes.This story is about the investigation of Peter Carley’s death. He was a former whale fisherman nicknamed as “Black Peter” by his crew, a rude man lived in Forest Row with his family, and he was a drunk and was found murdered in his shed with harpoon.

Stanley Hopkins was a junior police officer who seeks help from Holmes, he could found 2 rum glasses, pocket diary and tobacco pouch from Peter’s room.

Three investigation officers found that someone had already tried to open the door was open before they reached. So, they waited until midnight and they found John Hopley Neligan and he’s the son of a long-missing, failed banker. His father sailed to Norway with a box of securities and those of securities were sold by Carley.Neligan came for asking about this but he found Carley dead before he reahed. On realizing that he may not be the murderer. Holmes, under the name of Captain Basil, sends a telegram to recruit sailors. Three men show at his house and among them, Holmes handcuffs Patrick Cairns, a harpooner, who immediately confesses to the murder. In 1883, he saw Carey kill the banker Neligan and steal the securities. Shortly thereafter, the captain retired and Cairns started to search for him to claim his share. He met him in the shed, but the discussion turned to fight and, picking up the harpoon hanging on the wall, he impaled Carey with it.


When I started reading the story ,it was very difficult for me to understand the words. It took two days of time to complete a page. I could not understand anything from the first two pages then with the help of Tamil dictionary and google-translator it became bit easy. Then friends helped me to get idea about what the story actually is, then keeping those ideas in mind, I kept on reading the story several times. Then it was interesting, the curiosity in knowing what comes next made me to read the entire story. The most interesting part in the story which I felt was Holmes finding the murderer all of a sudden out of three.


M. Vedhashree

(713314104067)-CSE III year 


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