Review -Study In Scarlet


                                                                                                      by  Nikhilamary N / CSE III Year


A study in scarlet is a novel written by Arthur Conan Doyle featuring English Detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson. This story was written in the year 1886 and was published in the year 1887.

It is a strange book with different structure connecting two stories. In the first part it is beautifully describing about the meeting of two friends, Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson. Then it follows with the death of two people occurred with the difference of hours, Mr. Drebber was murdered at the midnight and his P.A was murdered next morning in a hotel.At the end of this part Holmes will find that murderer is Mr.Jefferson Hopes. The most interesting part here was Holmes examining Mr. Drebber’s body and giving clear explanation, it was amazing.

In the second part, the writer describes the back-story of these people and what made the murderer do this crime to them. While completion of this part we may feel pity on Mr. Jefferson Hope who killed both of them since they killed Mr. John Ferrier and made Lucy Ferrier (Mr.Jefferson’s lover) marry Mr.Drebber forcefully which in turn caused Lucy’s suicide and finally Jefferson Hope lost everything in life .Here the interesting part was Mr. John Ferrier waiting  Mr. Jefferson when only 30 days of time was given by his enemies.


When I heard about reading club first, since it was new, was interested in joining this club. Then I was assigned with a novel to read “Study in Scarlet”. But was really lazy to read at the beginning. Then started reading; At the beginning  I felt too boring  to continue since many words were not familiar and then on referring dictionary and on re-reading came to know what was there given in the book. Then once the story started, became too curious to know what will happen next and I was able to complete the novel at the same day.


Nikhilamary n




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