Story Review – The Adventures of Wisteria Lodge & The Adventures of the cardboard box by Mr.Pagalavan Rathinavelu – Civil III year

Review – The Adventures of Wisteria Lodge & The Adventures of the cardboard box

Sherlock Holmes Detective stories




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Mr.Pagalavan Rathinavelu

Civil III year

The Adventures of Wisteria Lodge

This is a Detective story. Here the main characters are Mr.Sherlock Holmes(Detective by Profession) and Mr.Watson his friend and he is a Doctor. Readers are exposed to series of events with twist and tale which involves in cornering down the accused, who killed a man. At the outset, the plot seemed to be quite complex but as it unraveled through Holmes’s intelligent scheme of deduction by gaining evidence, things fell into place. The singular experience of Mr.Eccles is must in this story and he helped Holmes to  find the accused, All these are done in the place where in 221B Baker street and many more twists are here like which I like to share with you is “Freddie Jones playing the wonderful detective inspector. This character in the story is following the methodical plodding, but he is actually smart” and the rest story is short of thrilling adventure.

The Adventures of the cardboard box

Sherlock gets involved in this case of the yellow cardboard box at the request of Scotland Yard.  Miss Susan Cushing,  receives a package in the mail. It is wrapped in brown paper, and tied with string that Sherlock notices has a coating of tar. The box is filled with salt, and buried in the salt are two human ears. Miss Cushing has no idea who would send such a hideous package to her, or why. Scotland Yard is equally mystified, so detective Lestrade asks Sherlock Holmes if he would mind lending assistance. Then Sherlock uses his skills to solve the case and capture the murderer.

The Adventure of the Cardboard Box is perhaps more famous for a scene between Holmes and Watson, that sees the detective seemingly able to read his friend’s mind; something which just goes to prove the prowess of Holmes when it comes to reasoning.


Books Reading and Review Club

            It is my pride and privilege to share my review about the Detective story “The Sherlock Holmes” here with you all. Firstly I wish to say how I came into this ? Once in SCD Meeting I heard about the Book reading Club in our college and after that I followed the Faculty (R.N.Raja Ravi Shankar) and joined in it. Mainly I went there to spend my time simply with books , basically am not so very much interested in it. This is my first experience with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I was not accustomed to his writing style, which meant I had to re-read certain passages to fully get their meaning, but as time went by it turned out to be an enjoyable short story.I got little boost up by my own and am attracted by the stories and books, and so that is why now am here with a review of the two adventures stories, I hope everyone will start reading books after getting a little experience in this session. Thanking you all for reading my reviews.

Thank you

Mr.Pagalavan Rathinavelu

Civil III year







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