Hey Hero

“Mankind would like to live and die a life of a Hero”

The way feet runs holding breathe to see the movie without missing titles from beginning. Why don’t we see students run to attend the classes? The same student run to watch the movie without a blink. Can we relate time to entertainment? Why one needs to get entertained? Perhaps changing paradigm shift call for newer approaches. If one want to live and die a life of Hero, one must become a hero! What does our Hero(ine) do in movies? They act, sing, dance, cry, laugh and so on. Can teachers be like hero(ine)?

What could possibly make one Hero(ine) of a class?

  1. Subject Knowledge
  2. Approach towards students
  3. Good heart
  4. Achievements (success of past to inspire students)
  5. Delivery (techniques)
  6. Mark (a magic wand?! nah!)

Let’s now look into components of a movie:

A movie consists of –

Characters, Story, Songs, Dance, Theme, Music and so on.

A class consists of –

Interaction, Group Discussion, Puzzles, Role Plays, Cases, ICT, Humor, Application, Purpose, MCQ, Demo and so on.

A good movie consists of several things, can similar analogy true for a class? I feel possible true! Because the primary objective of a movie is entertain, similarly primary objective of a class is participation (from teachers perspective). In order to see a good participation a structure is vital-

  1. Introduction/Recap
  2. Content
  3. Break (?!)
  4. Content 2
  5. Summary/Assessment/ Reflection

The point 3 might seem out of context but lets not forget Indian movies demand a break too. It’s just about the interval break that leaves the viewers with a suspense/curiosity to return to their chair. It’s als
o break from a prologue. Break To Banta Hai Boss! But, why one does need a break?

‘Words are creation of man but God created sounds and visuals (nature).’ 


Meet Hero(ine) 🙂


Hey Hero(ine)

(Writer to the piece of article is author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman based on the presentation from Dr Nalin Vimalkumar) 


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