Career at Tech Mahindra

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself ?

Hello all, I am Anitha completed final year in 2016 from Electronics and Communication background. Currently I am working in Tech Mahindra in automotive domain. It’s been good old two months and I’m enjoying the work environment here.

Interviewer: why did you choose to apply to Tech Mahindra?

Initially, I was not interested to explore the career in TechMahindra but after going their profile, objectives, vision and the projects they were working on, I got curious and wanted to give it a try. That was how I landed up in TechM. To be more specific this company has many verticals which means it has got different projects apart from IT domain, like Aeronautics (company has signed a pact with Russia for BOEING manufacturing as part in Make in INDIA) , Mechanical domain( MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA) and various RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS .

Interviewer: What were the different rounds conducted ?

Apart from the initial interview process which is being conducted every year I would like to throw some more points on what are the process which are followed after getting into the company.

1) Inorder to get early date of joining the company will send you modules containing  basic C programming, DBMS, RDBMS, Software engineering, Software testing, UNIX and HTML. They will conduct contest at various locations you need to clear it inorder to have advantages which would be like allocation into project at early stage itself. For those who doesn’t clear the contest has to undergo initial training again which was specified in the modules along with extra algorithms.

2) They may even select students based on the engineering background and provide them an opportunity to work related to that field .Before that they will conduct an interview process either one to one or through telephone.

3) One should grab the opportunity to showcase ourselves at any given point of time, you never know when it might turn out be in your favour.

Interviewer: What is /are take away from the process?

At each stage I learnt so many things. Even during training period learnt how to utilise the time. If we wish to learn anything new we should go ahead and ask people working in office. Instead of sitting idle we could simply watch them work .

Interviewer: Any suggestions for future aspirants?

No job is big or small at the end all that matters is what we have learnt, where we are, what we will be years from now.


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