Service Selection Board

A short interview with Divesh, Dept of Mech

Interviewer: Tell us about yourself?

Divesh: Hi, my name is Divesh. I’m active person with bubbling energy, average at studies (smiles) and deeply interested in sports and extra curricular activities like club events. I love to gather information that would help to enhance general knowledge that includes current affairs. I do all these because they act as a motivational dose. I’m active in nature to help and motivate others. These add to my list of good characters (smiles again). I’m a goal orientated person who strives to achieve. Though at times lag in decision making hinders the process/action.

Interviewer: Among several careers, why did you choose to apply Naval Officer?

Divesh: According to me, defence is a structured organisation. Several other career often pushes the persons thinking on matters like income, promotion, popularity etc. Though it isn’t wrong to desire but it doesn’t seem to match my aspirations. It would be very hard for me to act to gain, but rather I believe in sacrifice life for the nation. Its hard to imagine a career that seem monotonous or just 9-5 shift job. I could say this,

“If you are excited of an idea that no one else, all that should matter to you is focus. Progressive thinkers are driven by their interests, not whether others are interested.”

Interviewer: How are you preparing for the naval officer position?

Divesh: The preparation is beyond the just table study. Preparation demands in an attitude shift to mould character through knowledge, current affairs, stories of warriors etc. I feel that application of learning will play an important role in developing the OLQ’s (Officer Like Qualities). Some of OLQ’s are – planning & organising; social adjustment; social effectiveness; dynamics etc.

Interviewer: What is the ideal time required for one to prepare?

Divesh: Time could be estimated based on several factors of individuals but for me its like a daily bread. However an ideal time of 6 months – 1 year preparation is desirable.

Interviewer: Could you brief on the selection process?

Divesh: In the selection process three things are looked for –

What you think?

What you speak?

What you do?

These are checked by three examiners that consists of a psychologist, G.T.O and I.O. Further details on the application and selection process is listed on their website ( & search for ‘afosop’ (youtube)

Interviewer: Why do you think several eligible candidates don’t apply for a career in defence?

Divesh: According to me, some might think that they don’t possess or cannot build qualities that are required to be an officer. Or they may be lazy (smiles). I see its a gradual phenomena for one becoming an officer. Their may be myth that officer need to sacrifice life to the nation.

Interviewer: What message do you like to give for aspirants?

Divesh: Create, follow and have a role model (martyr), mentor and successful officers to encourage you. Leaders always create others as leader. My hero and role model if Major. Mukund Varadharajan. A. C.
For further information one could visit:

Interviewer: Thank you Divesh for several interesting insights on SSB. I hope it will help the readers. Wishing to see you as an officer.

Divesh: Hope to see several others coming forward to join defence! Thank you too!

– Interviewer is the author of She: Ekla Cholo Re & BUGman


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