Community Design Exercise

Third year engineering students were given simulation exercise to design a city with some parameters to wok. However there were some important items that needed to be included in their work apart from it they we asked to develop on their work with several assumptions that would make the new place an attractive.

Learning Point

Collaboration that seemed weak in the beginning seemed to gear up as the timeline approached short. That would meant to others to move out of comfort zone to execute the plan.

Incentives did work as it seemed to be motivation to achieve.

Stories in the beginning and towards end were important to motivate and set objective that would not just help individuals who are involved in designs but also community in general.

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Winners were announced and photos to cheer at the end!

Winners are: M. Kalandar Sheik & Vijay Kannan (Mechanical) I K. Ashok, P. Karuppusamy, S. Abilash, B. Selva Kumar, and T Naveen Kumar (EEE)


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