Competition- Describe your Face and Win a Prize


Dear Friends,

Now a exciting contest to all in SNS Family, all you need to do is to describe your face and win the prizes. Follow the following rules to participate in the contest

  • Your description of face starts from your hair and ends at your neck.
  • You should only self describe
  • Your description should not be judgemental over the beauty but it should be a clear cut description of how it is (eg do not say beautiful or amazing eyes but rather say the size and color of it) only exception is when your describe your face over all, there you can make a judgement like that.
  • A few categories which should be done for sure are given below you can add more if you wish  –HairForehead,Eyes,Nose, Mouth and Lips,Chin, Face Shape, Skin and Complexion…
  • Send your description with your photo in a Word Document along with your scanned photos. along with it send your name, class details and phone number.
  • The best descriptions will be awarded and it will be posted in the blog, along with your photo.
  • last date for submission -April 12, 2016 . Sent your post to –                                                                                                                                                       Hurry up … What are you waiting for, the key to competition is minute and exact description of your face in English, more you define and explore, more the possibility of you becoming a winner .. have a mirror or a selfie and start your work .. a few samples are given below on shape of your face18_face_shapes_jpg

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