This material is prepared for Principles of Management course (MG6851) offered to Mechanical Engineering dept at SNS College of Engineering. The Unit IV – Directing syllabus is covered here.

Part 1

What is leadership?

Although it might seem difficult to define as it’s seem simple from the question. I would rather prefer to use a quote and summarize to justify the question.

According to Blanchard, Zagarmi and Zagarmi 1994, “leadership is not something you do to people it is something you do with people.” The next question that could possible come out of this quote is – ‘What one has to do with people?’

A leader –

  • Brings clarity through meaning for the vision and mission
  • Show a genuine caring about people
  • One who understands the possible threats, always look up for opportunities, and keep customers happy that would inturn build loyality
  • Understands the bigger picture of business and the environment by making the complex tasks into meaningful terms to employees to add value to the organization
  • And lastly one who believes in honesty and integrity

Why should we have a leader?

Have you ever imagined a workplace without a leader? Tough! Unfortunately its difficult imagine work place and at personal life because man needs direction, motivation and inspiration.

What makes an effective leader?

Alright! We likely to agree that we all need a leader at some point atleast in life. What makes us to look up at others? We look up others because of one or combination of the following approach –

  • Traits or characteristics they exhibit
  • Behaviors that they show
  • Situations they find themselves in

In nutshell the leader focus on people that consists of a meaningful vision, strategy to collaborate and grow, there is space for emotion, accepts humility that often comes out of change/improvement and focuses on long-term goal.



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